Sunday, September 14, 2008


Hey it's been a while since my last blog and I apologize.

Here's a picture of 3 moose I saw on campus.

I took some more pictures of the Seward Highway, but they're on my phone and I can't send them to my Verizon account because I'm roaming in Alaska. Next time I'm on the Seward Highway during the day, I'll be sure to bring my camera. It's incredible.

Swim coaching is great. I love the group I'm in charge of. I have six 6-8 year-olds in my lane and we have a lot of fun.

Tomorrow I can finally actively pursue a front desk job.

And now, the shocker:

I joined the Kappa Sigma fraternity this weekend.

Firstly, nobody is more wary of fraternities than I am. I hate the frat stereotype, and until I got where I am, I wouldn't have given a thought to joining one. However, the group of guys I've met here are very different, and very in to being a real fraternity. In fact, our event this weekend was completely "dry" (no alcohol etc.).

Somewhat unintentionally I was friendly with everyone and friends with no one, and this is what came about. I'm happy to see and be a part of a real fraternity.

School is going just fine and my favorite class is still Interpersonal Communications. (Linguistics is a close second.)


Mom said...

So you're a frat boy now. Glad you found some guys to hang out with. And you always liked helping the little kids swim. Hey what about your roommates?

Greg T. said...

Picture message your Seward pics to my phone and I'll email them back to you.

Charlene said...

Too bad they don't have a chapter of Magnum pi. :)

Mom said...

Magnum Pi! I get it! Ha ha

Shelly said...

umm are you ever posting again? you might want to make it soon, Mom and Dad are coming here and we'll want to chat about your well being. What's the temperature like up there?