Saturday, August 23, 2008

Finding My Way Around

Today I focused on finding my way around the city. Anchorage is very big and I didn't see near as much as I could have, but I did figure out what bus will take me from UAA to downtown, and what bus will take me from downtown to UAA. (Bus route 3). I also found a Walmart, and with some strategic packing, I was able to fit everything in my backpack and one plastic bag.

The route that I took didn't offer many photo opportunities. However, as I get accustomed to life here, I'm sure I will find some. I wanted to take a picture like this:

However, the bigger buildings are actually farther apart than they seem, and to get this picture you really need to be far away. Next time I go downtown I'll try to take pictures of the Cook Inlet (aka Nuti).

The Anchorage Wikipedia page, has some good pictures. Anchorage used to be a "tent city" before Alaska was recognized as a state. It now boasts a population of 282,813, with 359,180 within the "metro statistical area". The city constitutes more than 40 percent of the states total population.

Tomorrow, I take a tour of campus and try to find my classrooms. I will definitely be taking pictures around UAA, so stay tuned.


Mom said...

I love being able to read what you are up to.
Love you.

Shelly said...

have you made any friends yet?